Atlanta Chocolate Company Sephra Chocolate Fondue Fountains GA Rentals & Sales Custom Chocolate Candy Georgia Wedding Receptions Parties Events Birthdays Corporate Sweet Sixteen
Atlanta Chocolate Company Sephra Chocolate Fondue Fountains GA Rentals & Sales Custom Chocolate Candy Georgia Wedding Receptions Parties Events Birthdays Corporate Sweet Sixteen
Atlanta Chocolate Company Sephra Chocolate Fondue Fountains GA Rentals & Sales Custom Chocolate Candy Georgia Wedding Receptions Parties Events Birthdays Corporate Sweet Sixteen
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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide the dipping items for the chocolate fountain?

There are two reasons why we generally don't provide your dipping items. First, if you can provide them yourself, they are extremely affordable for you to have available for us. You can generally pick up all the items for the chocolate fountain at any store that sells food. Our chocolate fountain attendant will arrange them if they are on the table with your platters around the chocolate fountain.

The second reason we generally don't provide the items is at some facilities, they do not allow outside catering or food services. Usually the chocolate fountain is acceptable by itself, but not with the dipping items. Your caterers should be able to supply you with an even greater selection of items which could include fresh cut fruits and more seasonal items. For ideas on dipping items, please see our dipping items page. We gladly consult with your caterer to coordinate communication regarding ideas for your chocolate fountain, make sure you provide us with their contact information - or you can have them contact us too.

HOWEVER - if you do not have a caterer and you insist we provide your dipping items, by special request, we can accommodate your needs.........please see our Dipping Item Menu and information.

Can the fountain be used outdoors?

No, for several reasons, first we can't guarantee it will operate properly outdoors because of temperature issues; also bugs are attracted to chocolate; and wind can blow chocolate all over your guests. Additionally chocolate and water do not mix and will cause damage to the chocolate fountain.

What kind of chocolate do you use?

Some companies use different kinds of chocolate and they have to mix loads of vegetable oil in with the chocolate to make it work with their fountains. We use only the highest grade of Belgian chocolate in our chocolate fountains made by Callebaut, doing so provides you with quality flavor and taste that can't be beat.

What kind of chocolate should I have at my event or party?

This is a question that a lot of people ask. Our dark chocolate is our most popular request, it provides a flawless flow of chocolate for many hours and it is truly the most decadent chocolate we have and it looks beautiful in the chocolate fountain. Even people who say they don't care for dark chocolate, love ours and think it is milk chocolate. Another plus is the dark chocolate is served and melted at a higher temperature which allows the chocolate aroma to fill the room. People with discriminating taste will appreciate the dark Belgian chocolate.

Our milk chocolate is more of a creamy and mellow flavor, popular with kids.

And the white chocolate is the least requested though it is very good (a favorite treat is Nutter Butters dipped in white chocolate).

Our milk chocolate and white chocolate are served and melted at much lower temperatures because they are very heat sensitive and require special attention to ensure the milk doesn't scald or thicken in the fountain.

If you would like to offer more than one kind of chocolate at your party or event, we can do a double or even a triple chocolate fountain package. We can create a very nice display with differing sizes of fountains - we have three different sizes - add depth and flavor - and make everyone happy at the same time.

What else should I know about the chocolate fountain?

We require that you provide a level table, a 120 volt grounded electrical outlet and the linens and decorations for the chocolate fountain. You should also have an ample supply of small disposable plates and napkins for your guests to use. We also ask that you supply a small garbage can near the fountain so your guests can easily discard their disposables.

Do you require kitchen facilities to melt your chocolate? OR for clean up?

No........and no. First of all, we can melt our chocolate directly in our fountains, so no ovens or stovetops are required. It takes about 1 hour to melt the chocolate, so we normally arrive about 90 minutes before serving time to ensure your chocolate fountain is ready in time.

We do our clean up off site, so you don't have to worry about providing a kitchen for clean up. The only time this would be an issue is if we have another event directly following yours and if this was the case, we would contact you to find out more details.

What Do You Do With The Remaining Chocolate?

We never reuse any chocolate after an event. You are welcome to keep the remaining chocolate from the fountain and we will be happy to package it in freezer safe / microwaveable zip lock bags or containers for you to enjoy again. The only catch is that you must supply the containers or bags for us to package it up for you after the serving time is over.

I have heard that chocolate fountains are very messy to use, what do you have to say about that?

While it is true if someone has a chocolate fountain and has no one attending it, a big mess could result, however if you have Atlanta Chocolate Company providing your chocolate fountain........then you can be assured one of our main goals is to provide clean service.

We do not allow double dipping, nor do we allow people to put any part of their body into the chocolate fountain.

We do our best to minimize any possibility of a mess. We strive to leave no chocolate behind when we clean up. So if this is a concern of yours, ask us how we eliminate the mess that other people have told you about. We have got it all figured out down to the last detail.

Are all chocolate fountain rental companies the same?

We have been told by our clients that we provide a noticeably much better service than other companies out there, so what you might gather in that statement is that if you choose us, you are going to receive a much higher level of personalized service for yourself and your guests.

Can your fountains be used for something other than chocolate?

YES! You can use them for caramel fondue, cheese fondue, barbeque sauce, ranch dressing, peanut butter fondue, and endless fondue recipes that may require adjustment to the recipe for the right consistency to flow over the tiers.........however, chocolate is used 99.9% of the time. If you would like to have a different kind of fondue in our fountains, please consult with us what your ideas are and we will assist you in all of the details.

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